10 Best Disney Hats

best disney hats

10 best disney hats

There aren’t many places in the world where you can walk around with a princess crown or crazy Mouse Ears on your head without getting funny looks, but Walt Disney World is one of them! You’ll see guests of all ages sporting the many and magical headgear options available in the Disney gift shops, and you might even be tempted to pick up a new chapeau for yourself.

Here are our 10 Best Disney hats:

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  1. Sorcerer Mickey Hat – Sorcerer Yen Sid’s blue hat causes apprentice Mickey plenty of trouble in Fantasia, but it’s a favorite for Disney guests on vacation. There are different versions available for sale – some even have light-up stars and moons – but they are bulky and can get hot and scratchy in the Florida heat.
  2. Oswald Ears – Ever since Oswald the Rabbit reappeared on the Disney scene, he’s been gaining a loyal following. Oswald fans can show their pride with the new tall black rabbit ears cap. I bet Walt would be pleased to see his original creation on the heads of guests in his parks.
  3. Indiana Jones Hat – If you’re feeling like raiding the lost ark or embarking on an adventure after watching the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios, you can start by getting the gear: there are felt fedora for sale at the outpost store nearby. Add a leather jacket and you’ll have a ready-made Halloween costume when you get back home!
  4. Goofy Baseball Cap – Get your best ‘hyuck’ ready if you’re planning on sporting this cap – it’s a Disney classic. The brim looks like Goofy’s long nose, and his eyes and long ears are on the cap. There are similar baseball cap creations inspired Donald Duck and Pluto as well.
  5. Bride and Groom Ears – You’ll probably spot at least one couple wearing these caps during your trip: black tie Mickey ears for the guy and white veiled Mickey (or rather Minnie!) ears for the girl. These are popular souvenirs for guests on their honeymoon, and some mouse fans even wear them at their weddings. There are also diamond ring ears for newly engaged brides!
  6. Made with Magic Hats – Formerly known as Glow with the Show ears, this headgear actually interacts with your surroundings, at least during the nighttime shows at the parks. There’s a Mickey print on the main part of the hat, and the ears light up in color in time to Wishes at the Magic Kingdom or Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The ears cost $25 and provide a show for the guests around you –if you’re wearing them yourself, you won’t be able to see them glowing on your head.
  7. Pirate TriCorn – Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s hat for me! Get into the spirit of the high seas with a skull print bandana or Captain Jack’s tricorn hat complete with dreadlocks. Don’t forget to finish off the buccaneer look with an eyepatch or a hook!
  8. Princess Crowns – To ensure you get the royal treatment during your trip, pick a princess crown to wear! You can find bejeweled crowns inspired by Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, and the rest of the Disney Princesses in most gift shops. Many guests like to show their regal side with the sparkling tiaras from the Arribas Brothers stores at the Magic Kingdom or Downtown Disney or the Germany pavilion shops at Epcot. Cast members will be addressing you “your highness” all day.
  9. Minnie Mouse Headband – When it comes to Minnie Mouse headband ears, there are lots of beautiful designs to choose from – some have feathers, some have bows, some are inspired by Disney villains! This has become a popular DIY project for fans to do at home…you may find yourself tempted to make or buy some Minnie Ears to match your every outfit!
  10. Classic Mickey Ears – The selection of Mickey Mouse Ear millinery is quite astonishing. You’ll find ears inspired by just about every classic character, movie, or attraction you can think of. At many locations you can have your name embroidered on the back. Out of all the crazy creations, the number one on our list has to be the plain black Mickey-Mouse-Club-style. Can’t go wrong with a classic!

Disney hats

Which Disney hat will you wearing during your next trip?

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