2010 Kids Sail Free on Northern European Disney Cruises

Travel Dates: June 12 and June 24, 2010

Disney Cruise Line has released a special Kids Sail Free discount for limited Northern European Disney Cruises during the summer of 2010. There are a few requirements:

  • Kids 17 and under sail free when traveling with two full-fare Guests in the same stateroom.
  • Government Taxes and Fees not included, and must be paid for any free kids
  • Offer applies to stateroom Categories 8 -11, suites are not included.
  • Verification of age is required within 48 hours of booking for children who will be 17 years old by the sail date
  • A deposit is not required and cancellation fees are not assessed for kids with this offer (though adults are still subject to normal cruise deposit and cancellation requirements)

The Northern European Disney Cruises are 12 night cruises, sailing from Dover, England, and includes stopping in ports such as Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, St. Petersburg and Stockholm. Available cruise dates are June 12, 2010 (includes Helsinki, Finland) and June 24, 2010 (includes Tallin, Estonia).

This special cannot be applied to existing reservations. You would need to cancel your existing reservation, and rebook at prevailing rates with the kids free promotion. We would be happy to check prices with the discount for you, compared to your existing reservation.

If you would like to get a quote for this fantastic Disney Cruise discount, please feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation Mouseketrips quote.

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