8 Ways to Stay Cool at Walt Disney World

disney hot

If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World during the summer months, you’ll know that the Florida combo of heat and humidity can be brutal – but it doesn’t have to stop you from savoring the magic during your trip. Here are eight ways to stay cool on a hot Disney vacation:

  1. Dress to beat the heat! Avoid bulky fabrics and dark colors – light colors will reflect the heat rather than absorb it. Also don’t forget a shady hat! Some guests even bring umbrellas into the park, to create shade if they’ll be sitting out in the sun waiting for a parade.
  2. Before you leave home, stock up on a spritz fan or a mini mist bottle. You can fill it up at any water fountain in the parks for a refreshing squirt, and it beats paying $20 for the big fan misters Disney sells.
  3. Make the most of the relatively cooler morning hours. Try to get to the parks early – you’ll avoid running around during the hottest part of the afternoon, and the lines will be shorter. Crowds can often make a hot day seem even hotter!
  4. Take a break in the afternoon and head back to your Disney Resort to enjoy the pool or take a nap in your room. The evening hours in the parks are less crowded and less hot, and honestly, much more beautiful.
  5. If you’ll be spending the afternoon in the park, plan a sit-down lunch in the air conditioning. Grabbing a turkey leg on the go can be great some days, but there’s nothing like resting your feet in a cool space with a tasty lunch and nice drink. Which brings us to…
  6. Stay hydrated! While you can ask for free ice cold tap water from any counter service restaurant, you’ll also find plenty of fruity, icy drinks to get you refreshed – frozen lemonade, smoothies, milkshakes, and more!
  7. Drinking water is one way to stay cool – playing in the water is another! Schedule a day at one of Disney’s water parks, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, or book a stay at a resort with an awesome pool.
  8. Don’t forget to plan indoor fun. Whether it’s exploring the air conditioned spaces of your resort or seeing a show in a shady theater, there are plenty of places away from the sun where you can still enjoy the Disney magic.

What are your favorite ways to beat the heat at Walt Disney World?

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