Alyssa Monahan

From the first time she went to Disneyland, Alyssa has been sharing the magic of Disney destinations with others. In middle school, Alyssa worked and saved all summer to pay for her best friend to come to Disneyland with her, after finding out she had never been. Ever since then, that passion has only deepened for helping others discover what magic awaits in a Disney vacation! It was even a requirement that her boyfriend (now husband of almost 10 years) take her to Disney before popping the question! Alyssa knows the ins and outs of navigating every park in every season. She has hardly ever waited longer than 15 minutes for a ride and will let you in on her secrets! Alyssa is a Disney mega fan and has frequented Disneyland, and Walt Disney World hundreds of times! She has also sailed Disney Cruise line so much, she considers it a 2nd home! She never feels more comfortable or well taken care of than at a Disney destination. She also prides herself on her many Disney trivia medals she has won from the DCL trivia games in the past. Alyssa would be absolutely delighted to help you make magic memories of your own!

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