Dana Kidd

Dana’s passion for all things Disney didn’t start until after her daughter was born in 1994. Since their first trip to Walt Disney World in 1997, they have traveled there at least once a year.  Since becoming an agent, Dana travels to Disney World up to four times experiencing all the possibilities Disney World has to offer.  Being a single parent, Dana specializes in trips on a budget and offers payment plan options to all her clients.  Because she is tireless and methodical in her planning methods, she also specializes in group vacations for the whole family!  A workaholic by nature, she is available to her clients seven days a week.  She believes in getting the most out of every vacation dollar and is a park plan master – who knows how to do and see everything Disney World has to offer with plenty of time to rest and smell the roses.

Dana has stayed at every resort category Disney World has to offer. Her favorite resorts are Pop Century, Port Orleans French Quarter and the Animal Kingdom Lodge; she is also a huge fan of Art of Animation Family suites! Dana stays in as many resorts as possible a year to make sure all that she recommends meets her very high standards for magic.  She has been planning trips for herself, family, friends and anyone who mutters the words Disney World in her presence for almost twenty years. Yes, she’s the stranger that will walk up to you and your friends discussing Disney who will insist on telling you every secret she knows. It’s her life’s mission to share the magic with every person she meets. The castle has never failed to make her tear up nor has she missed a FastPass opportunity. Dana believes in the magic Disney World has to offer, sighs when she experiences it and then fast walks past you to get in line first!

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