Advantages to booking with Mouseketrips instead of directly with Disney

You might have noticed that, as of right now, our prices are the same as or just slightly less than those quoted by Disney, either over the phone or through their website. A very common response to this situation is to wonder why you would want to book your trip with Mouseketrips rather than going directly through Disney. Here are a few things to consider:


We’re on your side, not Disney’s. We are your agent, we work for you. Your Mouseketrips Personal Travel Expert’s goal is to make sure you enjoy the very best vacation for the lowest price possible. We’re going to take the time to get to know you and your travel party. We’re going to find out what you like, what you don’t like, what special events are going on while you’re on your vacation, and anything else we can to enable us to custom-craft your perfect trip. The Disney phone reps, although very nice and helpful, work in a call center and are under pressure to get you off the phone and move on to the next call. They don’t have the luxury of time to really get to know you and what you’re really looking for in a Disney vacation. You will also work with the same agent during your entire experience, you won’t have to deal with a new person each time you call.


Just because our prices and Disney’s are the same right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll stay that way. While we love Disney, we don’t want to see them get any more of your hard-earned money than absolutely necessary. We are not under the same obligation to maximize profits and minimize expenses for the Walt Disney Company that the Disney phone representatives are. We will search every way we can to reduce your costs and maximize the value you receive for the money paid. When you call or book online with Disney directly, you won’t get any discount at all unless you know to ask for a specific rate. Also, Disney will not automatically lower the price of your reservation if a new discount comes out after you book, and will not even notify you that a better rate may be available. Mouseketrips carefully monitors each of our reservations and automatically applies any new discount or deal as soon as it become available. You don’t even have to call us – we just send you an e-mail letting you know that a new discount has been applied to your reservation and the amount of your savings.


Each of our Personal Travel Experts is a Disney fan. We’ve visited all of the parks multiple times. We’ve stayed at all of the resort hotels. We’ve eaten at most, if not all, of the restaurants. We’ve been on the special tours and taken part in the behind the scenes events. We’ve used Magical Express and the bus system. We’ve been on all the cruises. Chances are that if it’s available at Disney we’ve already done it. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what’s good for young children, teenagers, honeymooners, family reunions, birthday celebrations, large group excursions, empty-nesters, anniversaries, and any other special need or event you might have. We’ve helped thousands of clients plan successful and magical trips. You get the benefit of all of that expertise and advice at no charge when booking through Mouseketrips.

In addition to all these great perks, contacting Mouseketrips is easy.

  • Toll Free Number – Once we have started the process, we will provide you with a toll free number to contact us
  • Email – We reply quickly to email (most of the time), usually the best way to contact us
  • Facebook – We have a facebook page, and answer questions there
  • Twitter –  Contact us @mouseketrips on twitter, we reply quick that way too

So the question you should really be asking yourself is not “Why would I book through Mouseketrips when I can book directly with Disney at the same price?” but rather “Why would I book through Disney directly when I can enjoy all of these benefits by booking through Mouseketrips – and at the very same (or better) price?”