All Star Movies Resort – My Magical Stay


I recently had the absolute pleasure of staying at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort. The level of service here shocked and delighted me. I was doing a split-stay and was coming from Disney’s Yacht Club. To say that I was not very excited about my hotel change after being spoiled at the Yacht Club is an understatement. I waited until the final moments to check out of my room. I slowly walked down to the cab who would take me “there”. I pouted and sulked and then I got out of the cab and everything changed. From the second I stepped out, it was a magical place. The Bell’s Service person was right at the car door to open it. He greeted me immediately with a huge smile. He put my many bags on a cart and WALKED ME to check-in. He stood in line with me and chatted me up because if my room was ready, he wanted to walk me over rather than put my bags and storage and have me wait. This guy made me want to check-in.

I opted to not do the on-line check-in. I do this because I like to gauge how long it takes each resort to do the process. My new friend John from NJ checked me in. My room was not ready, but he found me an available room since my friend with the luggage cart was waiting with me. When I found out that room was on the top floor, I requested a ground floor, he found me another room. He called to the back and said “he wanted his princess (I love when Cast Members refer to me as princess) to have a ground floor because she was limping”. I had a ground floor room that was ready in the Toy Story section moments later. John came out from behind the counter and took me outside to show me which direction to go in even though we both knew my super awesome luggage carrying friend knew the way. He shook my hand at the end of the conversation and told me to have a magical day. All Star Movies just won me over in a matter of 25 minutes.

I entered my room and it was small, but tidy and that is all that matters to me. I cannot stand a room that isn’t perfection at check-in. I don’t care where the room is, there is no excuse for sloppy housekeeping. Morgan put my luggage on the second bed “so I didn’t have to bend down to open it up and take things out”. He wished me a magical day and was gone. I was super impressed with the storage capabilities this tiny room had. I found ample drawer and closet space to hold all my things. I pack like I am never coming home and I shop like it’s my mission to own every Disney product in the Universe, so there was lots to fit. After getting my things put away and my laptop hooked up, I wandered to the food court, where again, I was was wowed.

The food court was packed as it was prime lunch time. The lines moved quickly and efficiently. Each food station had a good balance of healthy and not-so-healthy food. Every Cast Member I saw was smiling and friendly. The coolers were packed with drinks, cold food to go and tons of amazing looking desserts and pastries. Anyone could find plenty to eat here. I chose some drinks to store in my room and the fruit for late night snacking. I then chose a random food station to order a hot lunch. True to form, I got the bacon burger and fries. There is something magical about a Disney burger to me. I rarely eat them at home, but when at Disney, I eat them like it’s mandatory. As I was in one of the many lines to check-out, the cashier walked away with a woman and a small girl. I watched her walk this lady to the cooler to show her what she could and could not get with her plan. The woman didn’t know that she got a dessert with her meal and she didn’t know that a drink came with it. She clearly didn’t book with me or any other agent for that matter (ha!). This whole process took mere minutes and she smiled through it even when the few impatient people in the line acted like that would spontaneously combust because they had to wait three minutes for her to help someone. As I checked out, there was a problem with my dining plan. I had to leave my stuff and come back (quirk with the band and the resort transfer). Concierge had me fixed up in no time and I went back to get my food. She had put my Burger aside and told me to go over and get my new one she had made hot for me. Yes, she got me a new sandwich. She had my cold stuff in a bag waiting. This girl (Cami) rocked!

I walked back to my room so I could eat while I worked. I did my favorite and ultimate test of a resort and called for 2 extra blankets and 1 extra pillow. I hung up with Housekeeping and noticed my phone red light was blinking. I had two messages. The first was from John at Check-in welcoming me to “his resort” telling me he was glad I was choosing to stay with them and for me to come down and find him if I needed anything. The second message was from concierge asking me to stop down and see them if I encountered any more quirks with my band and the dining plan. By the time I finished my messages, there was a knock at the door with my blankets and pillow. Again, I was wowed.

I would not hesitate to suggest this resort to clients and friends and I most certainly would not hesitate to stay again myself. The only draw back for me was the size of the room. It was not problem for me alone and it would be no problem if I had my daughter with me. I would never stick more than two in that room personally. You have to understand that space is important to me and I will not stick three people in a room at a moderate resort either. It’s a personal flaw -what can I say? Do give Movies a try the next time you are looking for a value resort. They will shock, surprise and delight you in every way.

Do tell John from NJ that his Princess Dana says “hi!”.

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