Best places to take a break at Walt Disney World

Are you thinking, “it’s the middle of the day, I’m tired, I really need a break. But where?”  I’m going to share with you some of my favorite places in each Walt Disney World theme park to take that much needed break.

Let’s start off big and head right to the Magic Kingdom. Let’s face it, I think we all could use a break here at one point in the day.  One little hidden gem that the entire family loves to stop and recharge is the Tangled Rest area. It may not be a “secret” spot but it is,  however,  a pretty amazing place to rest and take advantage of some pretty amazing things.

tangled toilets
Not only is this a beautiful place to sit back and take a much needed break and enjoy listening to the beautifully themed music, but there us a little something “extra” to take advantage of here. Look closely.  This isn’t just your typical spot to sit and relax. Those tree stumps are actually charging ports.  Yes!  Lift open the square in the middle and there it is…a charging port

With Disney guest using their smart phones for cameras, texting and especially My Disney Experience, they are using their batteries up faster and faster.  Stopping here gives you the chance to take a break, unwind, and recharge – literally!  There are currently 6 charging stations each with two electrical outlets and this is all FREE!  Yep, no cost to you at all.

Here at Rapunzel’s rest area you can also enjoy looking for “hidden” Pascal’s, they are all over the area, both high and low. Let the little ones search for as many Pascal’s as possible to keep  them busy while you rest your tired feet.So the next time you’re in Magic Kingdom and need a break or a charge, stop and relax here at the Tangled Rest Area and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Need a break at Animal Kingdom? Hakuna Matata! Personally, I could not imagine taking a break here as this is my favorite park, but I will share with you a beautiful, quiet spot to recharge while enjoying some wonderful BBQ.

flame tree

Here , my friends, is probably one of the best BBQ joints around! The Flame Tree BBQ.

Grab yourself some lunch and maybe a cold beer to relax. While most guest sit right up front where the seating is very open, I like to sneak back behind the restaurant and follow the winding path down. Not many guest know (until now) that there is full seating here. Here you can sit next to the body of water and enjoy looking at the beautiful view as well as across the way at Expedition Everest.

And now, onto Epcot. World Showcase is full of places to relax but The American Adventure Fountain seems to be a great place to stop as this is somewhat in the middle of World Showcase. Here, you can sit by the fountain and enjoy the view or if that Florida heat is getting to you, go inside and explore the American Heritage Gallery.

american adventure

Last but not least, Hollywood Studios. If you can find a nice peaceful spot to take a break here, please let me know! Just kidding! Hollywood Studios just has so much going on. I have to say that when my family is wanting a rest, we head to American Idol. The theater has some comfy chairs, enjoy the air-condition and watch the show.


Well, here you have it, my recommendations on where to take your breaks in the parks. As always, there are other options and I am always here to give advice so feel free to contact me anytime! Warning… I love to talk and I love Disney.

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  1. neysa richardson Avatar
    neysa richardson

    Loved this piece…

    Flamin Tree is one of my faves and if I can score a seat by the water…well…my day is made!

    I am also glad to know about the charging stations in Magic Kingdom…always a helpful tidbit of info.

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