Best snacks at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

As you travel the globe at Epcot, exploring the World Showcase area, there are plenty of tempting and exotic snacks to catch your eye; but there’s one bakery in particular whose delicious offerings are not-to-be-missed.  It’s the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe located behind the Stave Church in the Norway pavilion!  Here are some of the best eats you’ll discover beneath that regal pretzel sign:

  • Scandinavian Sandwiches: At Kringla Bakery you won’t find ham and cheese, but you will find ham and apple!  There’s also a club sandwich with lingonberry mayonnaise, a smoked salmon and egg sandwich, and a roast beef sandwich.
  • Vegetable Torte: Another savory option is the vegetable torte, which has roasted mushrooms, spinach, potatoes, and Jarlsburg and Munster cheeses baked into a flaky pastry crust.  It’s the perfect size and nicely filling, but it’s not so big that you won’t have room for a little dessert!
  • School Bread: Kringla Bakerij is home to a perennial Epcot favorite that many Disney-goers have to stop in for every trip.  School bread is a yeasty, chewy Cardamum bun with a light vanilla crème filling in the middle and toasted coconut on top.  A must-try!
  • Troll Horn: The Maelstrom trolls may be gone, but there’s still a dessert named for them at the bakery!   It’s a crispy, sugar-coated pastry horn filled with light-as-air fruity cream in either cloudberry or lingonberry.
  • Rice Cream: At $2.69, this creamy pudding cup is a great snack and a great deal.  It’s often on the menu at the Food & Wine Festival booth, but it’s available all year round here.
  • Norwegian Sweets: The frosty dessert case at Kringla has lots of choices!  There are waffles, Verdens Best rum cake, enormous sweet pretzels with raisins, chocolate, and almonds, beautiful cream puffs with fresh berries, and lefse.  The lefse is a simple but tasty treat – it’s a rolled Norwegian flatbread spread with sweet cinnamon butter.  You’ll find many of these same sweets on the dessert plate at lunch or dinner at Akershus.
  • Viking Coffee: There’s often a Viking-shaped treat behind the counter – a cookie or chocolate mousse – but they’ve also got a Viking coffee on the menu.  This is for the older adventurers; it’s coffee with Baileys Irish Cream and Kamora Coffee Liqueur.  You can order it hot or cold – definitely get it with the whipped cream!

Do you have a favorite item on the menu at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe?

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