Best uses of Disney Dining Plan snack credits

DDP-logoAre you a fan of hot pretzel’s, cupcakes, or even a Dole Whip? Well, sit back and get ready to educate yourself on the best way to maximize your snack credits while on a Disney Dining Plan. The options are endless. Do you know that most guest use their snacks on bottled water or on an item that cost about $2.00? You can actually use your snack credits on some items that are almost $5.00! I’m sure that many of you recognize this symbol, but for those of you that are not familiar, this is the Disney snack icon symbol. —->

When you see this sign next to a food item it means that the item qualifies as one snack. Most guest overlook the cost, see the snack symbol and get it. WRONG! Make sure you take a few extra moments to look at the cost! Today I will share with you how to get the most of your snack credits. Read at your own risk as you are about to get VERY hungry!

dole whip

Let’s head on over to Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom and check out the Dole Whip! While this very popular treat will normally run around $4.00 or so, you can use one snack credit instead of your hard earned cash.

How about trying a Dole Whip float? You have the choice of pineapple, vanilla, or orange with pineapple juice. YUM!!! Now, did you know this delicious float would cost you $4.99 if you paid out of pocket? I think I’ll use my snack credit. That bottle of water is starting to look pretty boring if you ask me!

Disney Ice Cream Cookie

Next stop, is at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. If you’re not quite sure where to find this little gem, it’s located at the end of Main Street on the right hand side. I missed this place for several years as I was ALWAYS in a hurry to get to the castle and zipped right by. Let me tell you, I now stop with my girls each vacation to take an afternoon break here. How could I have missed this? Wait until you see what’s inside!

Yes, this is two warm homemade chocolate chip cookies sandwiched between your choices of ice cream! While this beauty could cost you $5.29, you may use one snack credit. The Plaza also offers other snacks like hand scooped ice cream cones with a double scoop, and a kid’s cone with Mickey ears. Yes, these are all snacks.


Next stop, Gaston’s Tavern. While many of you remember the wonderful cinnamon roll from Main St. Bakery, this is a similar version. While this photo really doesn’t do this warm cinnamon roll justice, this thing is HUGE! Easily shared between two guest and yes, just one snack credit.

Disney Fruit Cart

Did you know that while strolling around Animal Kingdom they have several fruit carts that also offer fresh pineapple or a fruit bowl as a snack? These are great snacks for kids and adults alike, and won’t wipe you out later in the day when the Disney sugar rush wears off.

jalapeno pretzel

Animal kingdom also has a little hidden gem called the Beastly Kiosk. You might just take a look at the size of these pretzels and think, “There is no way this is a snack!” This is the Jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel coming in at $4.49 or the use of one snack credit.

mickey pretzel

Not in the mood for a stuffed pretzel? Can’t stand the heat? Try the all new famous Mickey hot pretzel. A $4.29 pretzel or one snack credit.

disney egg rolls

One of my MUST have snacks is the Pork eggrolls from the Yak and Yeti counter service. These things are $4.49 or you can get two eggrolls for one snack credit. In the mood some Chicken Fried Rice? Yes, another snack option.


Have you ever wanted to try some French pastries? Head over to France while in Epcot and visit Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie. Here they offer a variety of pastries such as the Napoleon or Tartes. Vanilla cream topped with fresh strawberries or a lemon meringue.

school bread

Let’s head over to Norway and find Kringla Bakeri og Kafe. There, I suggest you try the School Bread or a Kringla Sweet Pretzel with almonds from Norway or chocolate! These snacks are large enough share if you dare!

So, who’s hungry now?

butterfinger cupcake

I had this next item on my last vacation and all I can say is, get me back there now! This is the Butterfinger cupcake can be found at Starring Rolls located at Hollywood Studios. Make sure to get there early as they do usually close at 3:00. They also have a wonderful Red Velvet Cheesecake cupcake that is AMAZING! Just a warning, these are no ordinary cupcakes. They are super duper rich and as big as you can imagine. They are great to share, a few bites will do you good.

lobster roll

One final snack option that I want to talk happens during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. In the last few years, Disney has made it possible to use snack credits here for most of the items in the special World Showcase booths. If you’re traveling during this time, I strongly recommend saving most snack for this as some of the items run as high $8.00

My favorite is the famous lobster roll from Hops and Barley in the American Adventure and is considered one snack credit! Yes, I said ONE snack credit!


While it may not be the best deal, a Mickey Ice Cream Bar is a standard Disney snack that cannot be missed. The Mickey bar can be found all over Walt Disney World, and is always a good snack if you just needs some good old fashion Disney ice cream, complete with the memories.

So as you can see, getting a bottle water, a bag of chips, or popcorn with your snack credits can be not only boring but a waste of money. Look at the cost before you use a snack and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Have any questions about other snacks in the parks? I can always help, I love talking food!

So, what is your favorite snack at Walt Disney World?

3 responses to “Best uses of Disney Dining Plan snack credits”

  1. Lori Hessler Avatar
    Lori Hessler

    I visited Disney in 2006. One of my favorite snacks was the smoked turkey leg. Definitely big enough to share and it was only one snack credit

    1. Mouseketrips Avatar

      @Lori – Yep, unfortunately a Turkey leg goes for about $11 now, and isn’t include as a snack option, though you can use one of your counter service credits for one plus a drink.

  2. Jeff Avatar

    We were just there in 2015 and used our snack credits for our Starbucks throughout the parks. It was a huge savings. Not sure if it’s still included now.

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