Disney Free Dining Quote

Disney Free Dining

Congratulations! Walt Disney World has released the 2024 Disney Free Dining offer, and you found Mouseketrips. Can your day get any better?

All about the Disney Free Dining  process

  • Free Dining is out, so our agents are slammed, it happens every year. Please be patient.
  • Fill out the form below with as much information as possible.
  • We will book a reservation for you with the Disney Free Dining discount based on the information you provide.
  • We will email you back with your confirmation, hopefully really really soon after getting your information.
  • We can make adjustments, but booking your reservation right off the bat ensures that you have a room on hold, waiting even a few minutes means you may not get anything.
  • We will then have three days to make sure everything is correct, make changes, and pay a $200 deposit per reservation.
  • Please note, this offer is for Disney Plus subscribers only. Please let us know which email you use to subscribe. Not a subscriber? Do it today so you qualify!

We know that you take your personal information seriously, so do we

  • We will not call you unless you ask, all initial contact will be done via email
  • We will not sell your info, or spam you with emails. Check out our privacy policy if you want to know more.
  • There is no obligation, commitment or cost to request a quote. We don’t charge fees for anything!