Disney Vacation Planning with a Family

Things to do


It’s impossible to see and do everything that Disney World has to offer in one visit.  I have been countless times and have still not done everything. If you don’t so some serious planning in advance, it will just seem like you are stuck in a whirl wind.

Clients ask me all the time “What should we make sure we do?” or “What is not to be missed?”.  What is important to one may not be important to the next person, so here is the best way to make sure everyone in your family has a magical trip.

Make planning a family thing.  Have everyone (and I mean every single person) pick three attractions, shows or whatever they want in each park that you are going to visit.  

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I have been known to pick World Showcase shopping and my daughter is a habitual nap picker.  We set aside an hour in the day for her to take a nap (she’s 20).  If it’s important to that person, it’s important to the trip.  Have them also pick one resort and Downtown Disney thing that will make their trip complete.  While there are always a few things on the list that I never want to do, I have found my family always has a much better trip this way, and we seem to see hit everything that is important to us.

When helping clients book a trip, I ask them to go through this same process and give me this list for their family. I then build their itinerary using “My Disney Experience” and “Fast Pass plus” to make sure everyone gets to see and do what is important to them.  If you take the time with your family to make this list, you have an instant “win” for the vacation.

So you know, there are rules for the picks too.  No one can pick the same attraction that has already been chosen, and no one is allowed to complain about doing another person’s pick or they lose one of their picks.  This will keep a little bit of order during your vacation.  It’s important to make each person in your group feel like they have had a say.

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