Dumbo Play Area


Everyone needs a little break to let loose while they are on vacation!  Many times I find that being a parent of two young children, I need to schedule time in my day to let the kids run around and enjoy themselves.

Luckily, Disney World has some great options inside the parks that allow kids to let off steam.

Magic Kingdom has an air conditioned playground that can be great for the whole family to relax!  The Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction has a circus tent that houses and indoor play area that allow visitors to have some fun before they take flight.

dumbo ticket

When you enter the circus tent, you will be given a pager.  This pager allows you to “virtually” hold your spot in line.   The great part about this break is that at the end of your play time, you can soar high with Dumbo! This is a great option for families that don’t want to leave the park, but still need a little down time from lines and crowds!

Inside tent, it is like you are entering the movie!  Kids can climb, slide, jump, and pretend that they are performing with Dumbo in the traveling circus.  There are plenty of seats for adults to relax and watch their kids have fun! Not to mention several hidden phone charging stations available as you relax. The best part is that you are welcome to stay as long as you like in this indoor, air conditioned tent.

​Once the kids and parents have let loose, it is time to ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant and soar high into the sky!​

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