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When Walt Disney World first announced new FastPass+ system, promises were made that changes would be coming to fix the limitations of the system that were present at the launch. And while there have been some changes that have taken place of the last few years, today’s changes move the new FastPass+ system closer towards something that is truly guest friendly.

Starting today, April 10, 2016 you will notice the following enhancements to how you make FastPass+ selections:

  • You will now be able to choose individual FastPass+ experiences and times, and will no longer need to make all selections for the same day at the same time.
  • While you will continue to be able to select up to three experiences in advance, they now will be able to book fewer than three selections, if desired.
  • In addition, when you have used their first three FastPass+ selections, you will now be able to make an additional FastPass+ selection via the My Disney Experience mobile app, in addition to in-park kiosks. You will no longer be forced to find one of the kiosks in the park. Once you have used the fourth, they will be able to select another, and so on.
  • In addition to the FastPass+ changes, dining reservation access on the My Disney Experience mobile app are more flexible, with the option to cancel, change the time or restaurant directly from the app, as well as add or remove guests.

What do you think of the changes?

Take a look at this video about the FastPass+ changes announced today:

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My Disney Experience
My Disney Experience
My Disney Experience

4 responses to “FastPass+ Changes”

  1. Rich Avatar

    Multi park the same day needs to be allowed.

    1. Mouseketrips Avatar

      @Rich – Completely agree, I think that will be the next change that is made available. You can however, after using your first three fastpasses in one park, make reservation for additional attractions in a second or third park.

  2. carol Avatar

    These are still just baby steps. NOT guest friendly !! It is still easier to plan a corporate event rather than plan where I’ll be for 1 hr. of a certain day, 60 or 20 days out…YES…on MY VACATION !!!
    Keep the system and make it “spontaneous” like it used to be!!!!
    Remove the “tiers” so adults can do 3 adult rides rather than reserving & not doing, say, Dumbo when families with kids don’t get a FP because yours is reserved (for nothing) and your gonna blow it off !!!

    1. Mouseketrips Avatar

      @Carol – I somewhat agree with you, but not totally.

      1. You do have the option to not book your fastpass in advance, and just make them “spontaneously” from your phone or the kiosks in the parks once there, many people do that.

      2. The tiers are only in Epcot and Hollywood Studios, since they have very few thrill rides. At some point, when Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land are finished, I think the tiers will go away in Hollywood Studios, but with Epcot, if you don’t have the tiers, then Test Track and Soarin’ will be completely booked for the entire day well in advance. Once you use your first three, you are able to then get additional reservations for any available ride, the tiers do not effect those additional reservations.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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