Jedi Training Academy

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Hiya, Pals !  Today, I want to discuss something extremely important.  Something that may or may not have occurred to you.  Something serious.  I have just been notified that we need more Padawans to learn how to use the Force.  If you’ve got some younglings who are ready for this task, then be sure to sign them up for the Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios!

Let me break it down for those of you who just thought, “The Jedi what?”  The Jedi Training Academy is geared towards children ages 4 through 12 who are eager to learn how to use the Force for good (not evil, we aren’t helping out the Dark Side in any way possible).  Potential Padawans will learn lightsaber techniques straight from a real Jedi Master.  After they’ve perfected their skills, an unexpected Dark Lord of the Sith shows up for the ultimate battle!  If your Padawan succeeds, he or she will receive a special certificate, making them an official Jedi Knight.  Sounds awesome, right?!? 

If your next question is, “How do I sign my child up for this super awesome, fantastic, extra fun experience?”, then I’ve got the answer for you!  For many years, people have had different takes on the exact sign up process, but Disney has recently released the “official” sign up instructions, so here they are, straight from the mouse’s mouth:

Potential Padawans are to report to the queue outside the ABC Sound Studio at park opening. Twelve guests between the ages of 4 and 12 years will be selected for each show.  The young Jedis-to-be are then instructed to arrive 30 minutes prior to the assigned show so that they can receive further special instructions.  Be there early!  The Academy has limited capacity, so it’s first come, first sabered.


I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend arriving at Hollywood Studios well before park opening, so you can head straight for the sign-up location.  There are roughly six shows per day, but this is a very popular show, especially during Star Wars Weekends.  So, I recommend getting to the park early.  Have I mentioned that you should get to the park early?  No?  You should really get to the park early!

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