Jingle Cruise

jingle cruise

For the second straight holiday season, Walt Disney World is turning the beloved Jungle Cruise into the festive Jingle Cruise, complete with holiday decorations and a holiday themed tour, full of holiday jokes and puns galore.

The Jingle Cruise opens today (November 7, 2014) for business in the Magic Kingdom. Jingle Cruise is again themed as if the Skippers are homesick for the holidays and due to their homesickness, have decorated the attraction queue and boathouse with homemade decorations, gifts and items from back home. Plus, if you listen carefully, you may also hear a holiday-themed radio broadcast playing in the background in the queue. They have even renamed the boats with holiday names. The jungle has also received new seasonal supplies. Unfortunately, some missed their final destination falling deeper into the jungle.

Jingle Cruise gorillas

The Jingle Cruise attraction will be open daily, as well as during all Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties. The Jungle Cruise should return sometime in early January. If you have a chance to ride this holiday season, don’t miss it!

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