Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party

Disney halloween

A not so secretive secret at Walt Disney World happens every year between September and October. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party is held on select nights starting in September. Makes sense right, a mere month isn’t nearly enough to celebrate Halloween. The parties usually begin the first week in September and run through October 31, then just like the “hitch-hiking” ghosts, on November 1, Halloween completely disappears. Please note, Halloween Night sells out every year, without fault, so if you plan on going on Halloween, purchase your tickets early (like May or June). Tickets run between $62 – $66 for kids 3 – 9 and between $67 – $71 for adults 10 and older. Disney Vacation Club members and Annual Passholders receive a small discount on some weekday nights.

Now for those that are true Halloween nuts, and have to visit every Haunted house in town, and love adrenaline fueled Halloweens, do remember, this is Disney, and is a 1 on the spooky meter, if I could do less than 1 I would, the party is very appropriate for small children, but is still a lot of fun for adults.

Mickey’s Halloween party is a special ticket item, so you have to purchase a separate admission, with your ticket purchase you are entitled to admission to the park beginning at 4pm. Few people know about this, but it is a great perk, so you don’t have to use a precious days admission, to get into the park. The party is open until 12am, and the question I get asked the most is, “is the extra ticket worth it?” Absolutely, it is, you get an 8 hour day at the Magic Kingdom, but here’s the best part, the party, is limited admission, so instead of celebrating your vacation with 40,000 of your best friends, the party limits attendance to 10,000 at the most. Now while 10,000 may seem like a lot, in terms of Disney it really isn’t, we’re talking low wait times for the most popular attractions. So you could get more done during the party than you could on a regular admission day.

Want to dress like Cinderella while you are at Disney? If your old enough to drive, and try on any regular day, you will be asked to change or leave the park, but today is your day. The Not So Scary Halloween party is the only time Disney will let you dress up like your favorite character. So throw on your favorite princess dress, and snap a million photos in front of “your” castle today. Or go all out and have a family theme! Speaking of princess’s this is one of the only times you will get to meet both select princess’s along with their princess in Fairytale hall and around the park! You will find many of your favorite characters, Minnie and Mickey around the park dressed in their spooky attire. Be sure to head over and take a ghoulish picture!

disney headless horseman

The party also has it’s own special parade that is probably one of the best ones that Disney does. The BOO-TO-YOU parade! You will actually find yourself humming the theme song in the middle of summer, believe me I find myself doing it. The parade starts with an amazing beginning, and I am not going to ruin it for you, but if you are doing the party make sure you catch the beginning. It’s something you will only see at Disney for this parade, and the cast of characters is your Disney staples, but it also looks like they raided the haunted mansion to get some others. In addition to the special parade, in true Disney fashion, there is a special firework show, called “Hallowishes” which puts a Halloween theme on the traditional wishes firework show, and anyone that knows Disney knows that the are the top in fireworks shows, and this show doesn’t disappoint.

In addition to all the other special events held at the party, this will be one of the only times that Disney villains will be present in the park, you can actually head over to the Diamond Horseshoe, and participate in club villain. This is a special dance party, where the Disney villains will be hanging out, dancing with the crowd, and signing autographs, and taking photos, and there is the villains mix and mingle, a special castle show featuring Disney villains that is only shown during the party.

Think that it’s not Halloween without Trick-or-Treating, well of course Disney has a plan for those people also. While in the park you will see poles with Mickey heads on top, head over to them and there will be cast members with giant tubs of candy handing out various kinds. And there isn’t a limit to how many time you can trick-or-treat, so parents feel free to dip into the kids buckets, without the guilt that usually comes along with that, let’s face it you know your going to.

disney apples

On top of all the candy, there are many spook-tacular treats around the parks that are only offered during the halloween party. Dare you try a “poison candy apple” or maybe that pumpkin spiced waffle, warm topped with ice cream and Mickey Halloween sprinkles from sleepy hallow. So many treats so little time.

Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween party is a truly magical time for the whole family to enjoy, and is something that everyone should add to their Disney bucket list.

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