New Disney Cruise Cell Services

disney cruise cell plan

Beginning September 23, 2015, Disney Cruise guests who have AT&T as their cellular provider are able to purchase cruise bundling packages to save on cellular phone service costs when sailing.

These new cellular cruise packages will work onboard all four of the Disney Cruise Line ships, as well as in ports of call when traveling on cruises to Canada, Mexico and The Caribbean. In addition, these packages provide your with a more affordable option to stay in touch with their family and friends.

You can purchase these packages directly through AT&T before you leave for their cruise, or on board while cruising. Packages will start on the day of sailing and will be valid for a month. Charges will be billed on you regular monthly bill after using the package. The package will be automatically removed from the account once expired. Please note if you are cruising on back-to-back sailings, you will have to sign-up again after expiration or depletion.

Pricing for the AT&T Cruise Packages is as follows:

  • Calling Package is $30 – Includes 50 minutes
  • Calling and Messaging Package is $60 – Includes 50 minutes, 100 messages
  • Calling, Messaging and Data Package is $120 – Includes 50 minutes, 100 messages and 100 MB of data

To add one of these packages, please call AT&T at : 1-800-335-4685

If you are using AT&T as your carrier you can find out information at If you are using other cellular carriers should contact their provider to obtain information on rates.

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