Privacy Policy

Mouseketrips’ privacy policy is pretty simple, and based on one small fact:

We hate spam!

We spend all day online, mostly working with email, and spam is the biggest problem we face each day. A humungous time waster. We will never do anything to propagate the problem, so you can feel secure that any information you provide to us, will stay with us, forever.

During the inquiry and reservation process, we will gather some information from you, such as your email address, phone number, etc. That information stays with us. We will not call you, unless you ask us to, all contact will be via email, unless the situation requires a phone call, in which case, we will usually ask you to call us.

If you decide not to book with Mouseketrips, we may hold onto your info, but we will not share that information with anyone for any reason, and under most circumstances, you will not ever receive anything from us in the future.

If you do book with Mouseketrips, we will share appropriate information with Disney, but only what is required for you to have an excellent Disney vacation.

See, pretty simple! We don’t want our info spread out across the internet, so we won’t spread yours.