Robin Jacques

robin jacques

Robin was born into a Disney working and loving family; the granddaughter of a long time Imagineer, Robin grew up going to Disneyland. One of her earliest– if you ask her on any given day, she will swear it’s her first— memories was meeting Pluto on Main Street, in front of the fire station, where he gave her a Hershey’s Kiss and she instantly fell in love!!

Her passion only grew bigger as she got older and once she had her own two daughters and moved to the east coast, she began visiting Walt Disney World.

Now her true passion is helping her clients have as an amazing time during their trips to any Disney destination as she and her family do!! She travels multiple times a year to Walt Disney World to explore the varying resorts– she has stayed at *almost* all of them!– and tries different touring plans for different client types; adult only touring, family touring, multi-generation, even solo trips. She keeps herself available to her clients seven days a week so if they have any questions or concerns, they know they will get a response from her!!

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