Snacking around Walt Disney World – Part 1

On a recent vacation to Disney World, I gave my family a challenge: DISCOVER NEVER BEFORE TASTED SNACK ITEMS FROM AROUND “THE WORLD”. A difficult job I know, but one they were willing to take on.

I learned a few things with this challenge. First, for a family who goes to Disney World as often as we do, I was amazed at just how many snack items we have naively passed by through the years. The second thing I realized was it was easier to find more creative options in some parks over others. Everyone knows about Dole Whips, turkey legs and popcorn but we were searching beyond this. As you will see in my list of new found favorites, they all come from Animal Kingdom Park and not surprisingly, Epcot. Not that there aren’t many wonderful choices at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, we just need to try harder at those two parks. We will be back to Walt Disney World soon so we’ll save those two parks for Part 2! So without further ado, here is our list of tasty treats you might want to search out during your travels:

animal kingdom snacks


  • Chocolate Dipped Elephant Ear – (AFRICA) Is it an ear or a Mickey head? Not sure but doesn’t matter, it’s still yummy! My daughter in particular LOVED this while her brothers thought it was just good.
  • Apple Blossom – (DINOLAND) Super Delish!! All the best parts of grandma’s apple pie and big enough to share!
  • Frozen Lemonade – (ASIA) Okay, so maybe frozen lemonade isn’t too exotic but when you factor in a very hot and sticky day in the Asian jungle and a very cool little shrine just beyond the kiosk that provides a quiet, private retreat with a great view to enjoy said frozen lemonade… well, I considered this a magical moment!!
  • Fried Wonton Dessert in Yak & Yeti – (ASIA) OMG!!! This doesn’t really count as a snack food since it is from the dessert menu of a table service restaurant but there is no way I could not mention this dessert that was featured on the Food Network! Skewers of fresh pineapple and cream cheese wontons, vanilla ice cream and honey vanilla drizzle just does not do this incredible dessert justice!! It’s the sort of thing that haunts me in the middle of the night!

epcot snacks


  • Red Velvet Whoopie Pie – (THE LAND) If you are a fan of either Red Velvet Cake or Whoopie Pies, than you are sure to enjoy this sweet treat! Perhaps it was the mini-chocolate chips all along the edges or the very adorable and edible Mickey Face smiling at me while I took my first bite but I really enjoyed this.
  • Chinese BBQ Pork Buns and Curry Chicken Pockets – (CHINA) Less you think we only snack on sugary treats, here are two delicious menu choices from China’s Joy of Tea Stand that at least two of my kids went bonkers over. I often encourage guests to take a day while visiting Epcot and instead of a formal meal, eat your way around the World Showcase. This should definitely be one of your stops! Each item comes as a pair making it perfect for sharing!
  • Kaki Gori – (JAPAN) – I can hear your comments now, “But Debbie, that’s just a snow-cone in a cup!” And a French croissant is just a piece of bread. No need to comment further except to say, go for the rainbow to experience three flavors!!

The next two selections are really locations – Mecca’s of snack foods if you will. Not only do they offer incredible selections, but taking in all the treasures behind their display case is somewhat of an in experience in and of itself. I simply wouldn’t know how to single out just one treat!

  • Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie – (FRANCE) Walking into this shop tucked in the back of the French Pavilion, I was transported to my trip to Paris. Hopefully you are traveling with a large family who is willing to share!
  • Karamell-Kuche – (GERMANY) I never really gave much thought as to all the wonderful things you can do with caramel, but thankfully the good people at Werther’s Original Caramel did!!

At the conclusion of this little report, I would like to say this challenge is not over! There is much more to explore and conquer and I will return with a report of my culinary explorations for the other two parks. This is what I love most about Disney, that no matter how much you cram into your week… or your mouth, there is always something new to come back and sample!

I’d love to hear more about your favorite treats while visiting “The Mouse!”

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