Top 3 Reasons for “Chill Time” Each Day During Your Disney Vacation

Stormalong Bay

Got a Disney trip in the works?  If you’re traveling with kids, the days can get long and many of the littlest Disney travelers run out of energy (and patience) as the day goes on.  How do we solve this? Two words – “chill time”, as it’s known in our family.  One of the habits my family has gotten into during our Disney trips is taking a break during the afternoon.  This is something we rarely (if ever) skip and, to be honest, it has helped me maintain my sanity some days.  So, here are three great reasons as to why you definitely should take some “chill time” each day.

Sleepy Jack1.  NAP TIME!  I have been traveling with babies and/or a toddler continuously for the last 8 years and nap time is something we never choose to forego – even at Disney.  Babies and toddlers will welcome the rest, due to all of the stimulation during the day.  Heck, I’m not even going to lie – I enjoy taking a nap when the opportunity arises!  Our oldest daughter is now too old for naps so she gets to partake in a little extra of my next reason for taking a break.

jen and kat swimming2.  POOL TIME!  As I mentioned before, while the little two are napping, my oldest gets to head to the pool  with the Mister and once the other kids wake up, they get to have some fun in the sun, too!  Taking some time to swim in the pool, play in the kiddie area, or play on the playground is a great way to let the kids get some extra energy out – especially the little ones who aren’t big enough to walk yet, but don’t want to sit in the stroller (a.k.a. every toddler ever).

MK at night3.  NIGHTTIME IN THE PARKS!  Once the kids have napped, had some resort fun, and we’ve freshened up for the evening – it’s time to hit the parks again!  Really, the whole process takes maybe 2-3 hours, but boy are we all in such a great mood when we head out for the evening.  Our family doesn’t deal with late afternoon meltdowns – ever!  We miss the crowds and heat of the afternoon, too.  All of our trips are easy and FUN since we take the time to take a break each day!

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