Ultimate Guide to Meeting Classic Disney Characters

meeting classic disney characters

Meeting, hugging, and chatting with a favorite Disney character can be a trip highlight – with a selfie of you and Mickey smiling on the homescreen of your smart phone for months to come.  Character greetings have become enormously popular at Disney World, witnessed by the fact that a number of the character venues are now FastPass options.  It’s not necessary to make special preparations to meet a character – but some forethought can add a lot of magic to your (short) time with Donald, Buzz Lightyear, or Mickey – to name just a few.

meeting classic disney characters

Don’t forget your autograph book!  If nothing else, the time spent signing can allow your child a little longer to take the moment in.  And sometimes, guests will “plus” those autograph books – transforming and personalizing them into mini scrapbooks.  If you’re crafty, you can go to town.  If you’re not, you can go to Etsy.  The options are dazzling.  Goofy, Alice, or Peter Pan will be delighted to find a page devoted to them, complete with stickers, themed embellishments, and a space reserved for their signature.  Minnie might get excited to see red and white polka dots on her page.  Pluto might spy a dog bone sticker on his, while Peter Pan might find a shower of pixie dust.  Don’t forget that the characters can sign objects, too – not just autograph books.  You could ask your favorite Disney pal to sign your MagicBand, a hat, or a t-shirt – as long as you’re not wearing it!.  (They will appreciate a retractable Sharpie rather than one with a cap that has to be removed.)  Before leaving home, you could invite your child to create a few drawings of some of the characters.  (Make photo copies so your child won’t object to parting with his or her precious drawing when presenting it to the character!)

While characters like Minnie, Goofy, and Stitch can’t answer questions verbally, what they can communicate through gestures and pantomime is pretty impressive.  And Disney “face” characters are experts in their own trivia.  Chatting with one is an opportunity to extract pearls of wisdom, maybe some rare Disney trivia.  You’ll also have a lot more fun – and you’ll be giving pleasure to the character, too.  They work hard to prepare to meet their fans, doing lots of research.  Asking them questions is not an effort to stump them but to let them show what they know!  Pick a question or two from the suggestions below – or come up with your own!


  • Do you prefer chasing rabbits or drinking tea?
  • Why were the borogroves mimsy?
  • Do you have any advice for someone who is lost?
  • Why is a raven like a writing desk?
  • Do you approve of curiosity?
  • Is nothing what it is or is everything what it isn’t?
  • What would you say if I asked if you would like a little more tea?
  • Do you know the name of the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time of the invasion of William the Conqueror?  (Stigand – it’s in the movie!)

Buzz Lightyear

  • Where is your reset button?
  • Is Latin Mode more fun?
  • I think you looked good in your pink apron, Mrs Nesbitt!
  • Is Zurg really your father?

Chip & Dale

  • How do I tell you two apart (even if you already know it’s the color of their noses).
  • Do people ever mistake you for squirrels?
  • Which one of you does Clarice like the best?
  • Which way to the Cosmic Jackhammer?

Donald Duck

  • Hiya, toots!!
  • Is Mickey Mouse your boss?
  • Are Chip n’ Dale really your best friends??
  • Is it true that you hate exercising?
  • Did you inspire the Instagram duck face?  Will you do one with us?
  • Is Oregon your favorite football team?  (Disney’s Donald is their official mascot – by personal permission from Walt!)


  • Is “gosh” spelled G-A-W-R-S-H?
  • Is Clarabelle Cow your girlfriend?
  • Do you think I could become the fourth Musketeer Mouseketeer?
  • Is it true that your full name is Goofy Goof?
  • Donald said you were clumsy!

Mary Poppins

  • What is the name of the parrot on your magical umbrella?
  • Where did you get your dress?  (She may tell you that Bert drew it!)
  • Can you say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards?  (Of course she can!)
  • Are you acquainted with Alice in Wonderland?  She’s from England, too!
  • What’s your favorite kind of bird?
  • Why is it that something’s about to happen when the wind’s in the East?

Mickey Mouse

  • Is it true that you have a sister named Amelia?
  • How would you feel if Minnie married Mortimer?
  • When are you going to propose to Minnie?
  • Who is your best friend – Donald or Goofy?
  • Is cheese your favorite food?  What about cheesecake?
  • Are you going to have a big party for your 90th birthday in 2018?

Minnie Mouse

  • Is it true that your full name is Minerva Mouse?
  • Was it Mickey who first started calling you Minnie?
  • Is it true that you and Mickey share the same birthday?
  • You’ll turn 90 years old in 2018??
  • Who is more intelligent – you or Mickey?
  • Who is braver – you or Mickey?

Peter Pan

  • Which is the second star to the right?
  • Is green your favorite color?
  • Are the Lost Boys still lost?
  • I heard that you said girls talk too much.
  • How did you lose your shadow?
  • (You can also challenge Peter to a “Cock-a-doodle-do” contest.)


  • Is Mickey a good master?
  • Can I scratch behind your ears?
  • Are you a bloodhound?
  • Is it true that you once outwitted flypaper?


  • Aloha!
  • Can we take a photo “hanging ten”?
  • What is your badness level today?
  • You took cute and fluffy!
  • Do you drink coffee?
  • Oongatish mista!

Tinker Bell

  • Why don’t you like Wendy?
  • Where does Pixie Dust come from?
  • Why did Peter banish you?
  • Was Captain Hook’s lantern uncomfortable?


  • What’s your favorite thing to do?
  • Can you give me a lesson in bouncing?
  • Can we take a photo bouncing together?
  • Do you think they should rename the ride to The Many Adventures of Tigger?
  • (As you leave) TTFN!

Winnie the Pooh

  • Is Rabbit your best friend?  Or Piglet?
  • Are you afraid of Heffalumps and Woozles?
  • Are you feeling rumbly in your tumbly?
  • Have you tried the puffed French toast at the Crystal Palace?
  • Why don’t they have Pooh waffles there instead of Mickey waffles??

Who is your favorite classic Disney character?

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