Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increase

Magic Kingdom Ticket

In what now seems to have become an annual event, Walt Disney World ticket prices are set to increase this Sunday (February 22, 2015). The increase will raise Walt Disney World ticket prices to $105 per day for the Magic Kingdom and $99 per day for the other there Disney World theme parks. These prices are before sales tax. Please note, the price increase will effect multi-day tickets as well, and they will see a similar increase.

So, what does this mean to you?

I have already booked my Walt Disney World vacation for 2015: Nothing will change for you. Your current price is locked in, and the ticket price increase will not effect your package price. However, you must be aware that if you need to make any changes to your reservation, or a discount is released that lowers your package price, the cost of the ticket portion will increase to the new levels. So, you may get lucky and get free dining for your dates, but the savings will be offset a little bit by the ticket price increase. We will double check discounts for you to make sure that you end up saving money in the end.

I am thinking about booking my Walt Disney World vacation for 2015: Time to stop thinking, get it booked today! If you wait a few days, your price is just going to increase. While $5 doesn’t seem like a lot of money, a 4-day pass may go up about $20 (we don’t have the final figures yet), and for a family of four, you are talking an $80 increase.

I am just buying tickets for Disney World, and staying elsewhere: Buy your ticket before Sunday. Just as with the packages, ticket prices to the public, regardless of where you are staying.

Disney is just too expensive: Yes, it is true, the price of a Disney vacation keeps going up. But, you can say the same thing about home prices, milk, eggs, movie tickets or just about anything else. No use complaining about it, but make sure you use the best Disney Travel Agent around (Mouseketrips!) to make sure you get the absolute best deal possible for your hard earned money.

Contact us here at Mouseketrips ASAP, and we can get you some prices and get your reservation booked for you before the price increase. Start with a free, no obligation Mouseketrips quote.

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