6 Things to Skip at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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There are plenty of must-do experiences at Walt Disney World you won’t want to miss…but then there are also some attractions you might actually want to skip.  Here are six things at the Animal Kingdom theme park to give a miss to free up your schedule for more exciting options:

6. It’s Tough to Be a Bug – It is tough to be a bug, and it’s also tough to watch this show.  The seating is uncomfortable to begin with, and then you get poked in the back by bugs!  The movie is cute but nothing special, and it can be quite scary for little kids.  The air conditioning is nice, though…

5. Discovery Island Trail – It’s easy to be distracted by the bird and animal habitats in the Oasis and on Discovery Island when you first arrive in the park.  Head straight to your rides and save the animals for the way out.  A better place to take in the wildlife is the Maharajah Jungle Trek (tigers!) or the Pagani Forest Trail (gorillas!).

4. PizzaFari – There are too many delicious things to eat at Disney World to waste yourself on lackluster pizza.  The décor is colorful and cool, but the menu is uninspiring.  Try the Yak and Yeti counter service window or Tamu Tamu Refreshments.

3. Rafiki’s Planet Watch – Getting to this section of the park requires a lengthy ride on the train, and once you’re there it’s just a petting zoo.  There are educational exhibits on caring for the animals that can be fun for little kids, but if you don’t have time, don’t feel bad about skipping this one.

2. Primeval Whirl – Primeval Whirl is your basic cat-and-mouse roller coaster that you’d find at most basic theme parks.  It is jazzed up with the DinoLand theming, but the lines can be long, and all that spinning and zipping around will make you sick. In fact, you can just skip the entire DinoLand area of the park, nothing new or interesting to see here.

1. Festival of the Lion King – I’m JUST KIDDING.  Festival of the Lion King is a perennial guest favorite and a fantastic show.  I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. 😉  But a show that you could skip is…

1. Flights of Wonder – The exotic bird show at the Caravan Stage just isn’t as spectacular as some of the other shows at the Animal Kingdom.  It’s also not air conditioned, and in the summer sitting in the heat can be brutal.  Skip this one and go for Festival of the Lion King or Finding Nemo the Musical instead!

What do you think of our list? Are there any other things you skip while at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

2 responses to “6 Things to Skip at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. Buck Avatar

    I disagree with your comment about “it’s tough to be a bug”. It is by far my favorite attraction at the Animal Kingdom. Not only do you get a chance to sit in the air conditioning, but the wait is never that bad either. The show is unique and offers a different perspective on bugs.

    1. Mouseketrips Avatar

      Buck – It’s Tough to be a Bug is a tough one, some people love it, others, especially little kids, hate it. We listed it #6 for a reason, it is on the border of things you should do, and things you may want to pass up. Personally, I quite like it, once a trip, but I have two daughters and a spouse that hate it, and refuse to go on it. Definitely worth a try once, but don’t be surprised if some in your party have some problems with it.

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