New Walt Disney World MagicBand Options

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MagicBands have become the norm at Walt Disney World, if you have been to Walt Disney World at all in the last 5 years or so, you know exactly what they are. Guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort receive a free MagicBand for each person in their party, which acts as a room key, park pass, charge card, pay for your dining plan and fastpass. You really only need to carry round one thing with you all day and you are covered. Non-Disney Hotel stayers can buy a MagicBand (typically around $25 each) to use during their stay, but of course, it won’t do as many things, but still nice to have. The rub has always been that Disney Resort Guests have been stuck choosing between a small number of boring colors for their MagicBands (7 in total, but all plain colors). If you are buying a MagicBand in the parks, you had a whole bunch to choose from featuring Disney, Muppets, Star Wars and Marvel characters. They were so much cooler than boring plain colors.

Starting May 15, 2019, Walt Disney World resort guests will have the option to upgrade, at a discounted price, from a complimentary solid-color MagicBand to one of more than 30 new MagicBand options featuring favorite Disney characters and designs. These new MagicBand options will be available for pre-arrival purchase at a special price that reflects a $14.99 discount off the regular retail cost through the My Disney Experience website. Of course, if you don’t want to spend the extra money, the colorful selection of complimentary MagicBands is still available for guests who choose not to upgrade to one of the new options, and these new design options can also be shipped to guests’ homes (U.S. addresses only) if ordered 11 or more days ahead of arrival and can be personalized if done so at least 6 or more days ahead of arrival.

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