Ten Cures for a Disney Hangover

disney hangover

If you have ever been to Disney – you know.  If you are a first timer; you’ll soon know the feeling I am about to describe.

You are hauling your Mickey suitcase full of magic and memories back to the car, or you may be sitting patiently on that big Mickey bus headed back to the dreaded airport.  You may have a little tear in your eye, your smile may have turned upside down a bit – all because you know.  You know that you are leaving the self-proclaimed “Happiest Place on Earth” and are now headed back to what we like to call the real world.

You get back home and start missing those Cast Members telling you to, “Have a magical day!” because let’s face it – no one at the office is saying it.  You miss not having to drive everywhere because admit it – you’ve been spoiled by the Disney buses, boats and monorail.  There are no FastPasses for the line at the grocery store, and no Extra Magic Hours for the kids at school. No, you are up on this glorious morning and have to pep your own self up to head back in to work.  This my friends is what I like to refer to as the “Disney hangover” but never fear – I have for you the common cure.

Here are my top 10 suggestions to help you keep the Disney magic going even after you’re long gone from the Mouse.

  1. Buy snacks at the park to bring home. Nothing is better than pulling out a bag of Goofy’s Candy Co. sour gummy worms to munch on as you recover
  2. Send yourself a postcard from the park (or Castaway Cay)! Mail it out on the last day so you’re sure to get it once you’ve arrived back home.
  3. Decorate Disney style –you’ll surely feel like you’re living the magic if you see it every day! Check out the Disney Store for virtually everything Disney. From pot holders, to bedding, to stationary; it’s all there to help put a Mousekesmile on your face.
  4. Look for hidden Mickeys in the “real world”. It may be the foam on top of your soda, the bubbles in the sink, or rocks on the ground. Keep an eye out – they do exist and are fun to find.
  5. Drink your morning coffee from a Disney mug.
  6. Listen to music from your favorite parades and attractions on YouTube.
  7. Pull out those photos from your trip and start a scrapbook or photo album.
  8. Cook Disney meals at home – have a favorite Disney dish? Check out Pinterest for some copycat recipes of those Disney comfort foods to enjoy at home.
  9. Have Disney movie and game nights – pull out some old favorites (Apple Dumpling Gang, Pollyanna) and also the kiddo’s new favorites (Frozen, Big Hero 6). Pair it with a Disney board game and you have a night the whole family is sure to enjoy. Be sure to mention the fun times you had with the characters/attractions as they appear on screen.  Reliving the magic is all part of the fun!  Bonus points if you do #3 with #2.
  10. Start planning your next trip! There is nothing better than knowing you have a Disney countdown. Order a planning DVD, email your favorite Mouseketrips agent, and get those wheels turning for your next vacation.  Did you just visit the parks?  Check out a Disney Cruise!  Did you just visit Disney World or Land?  Start thinking about visiting the other!  Want a more relaxing experience?  Ask your Mousekeagent about Aulani!  I can assure you this is just what the doctor ordered.

And there you have it! My top 10 ways to cure the Disney hangover.  Do you have any remedies I missed?  We’d love to hear your cures below.

The absolute best cure for a Disney hangover is to start planning your next Disney vacation. Please feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation Mouseketrips quote.

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  1. Samuel Gerchick Avatar
    Samuel Gerchick

    Thank You! I just came back from a trip a week ago with my family, and we aren’t going back for another 2753 days 🙁

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