Ultimate Guide to Meeting Disney Characters

meeting disney characters

Meeting, hugging, and chatting with a favorite Disney character can become a trip highlight – with a photo that captured the moment reigning over the homescreen of your smart phone for months to come. Character greetings have become enormously popular at Disney World, witnessed by the fact that a number of the character venues have become FastPass options. It’s not necessary to prepare to meet a character – but some forethought can add a lot of magic to your (short) time with Anna & Elsa, Snow White, or Rapunzel.

meeting disney characters

Autograph books continue to be popular for character greetings. If nothing else, the time spent signing can allow your child to take the moment in. And sometimes, guests will “plus” those autograph books – transforming and personalizing them into mini scrapbooks. If you’re crafty, you can go to town. If you’re not, you can go to Etsy. The options are dazzling. And Cinderella, Moana, or Gaston will be delighted to turn to a page devoted to them, complete with stickers, themed embellishments, and a devoted space for their signature. Moana might get excited to see palm trees and ocean waves (where the sea meets the sky) on her page. Cinderella might find a big glass slipper sticker on hers, while Gaston might find pop-up antlers. Don’t forget that the characters can sign objects other than books. You could ask your favorite to sign your MagicBand, hat, or a t-shirt (as long as you’re not wearing it!). They will appreciate a retractable Sharpie rather than one with a cap that has to be removed.

Want to have a little fun? Disney characters are experts in their own trivia. Chatting with one is an opportunity to extract pearls of wisdom, maybe some rare Disney trivia. You’ll also have a lot more fun – and you’ll be giving pleasure to the character, too. They work hard to prepare to meet their fans, doing lots of research. Asking them questions is not an effort to stump them but to let them show what they know! Pick a question or two from the suggestions below – or come up with your own!

Anna and Elsa

  • Is it true that ice harvesters get paid in chocolate?
  • Is Elsa’s dress actually made of ice?
  • Does Elsa still like to ride her bicycle inside the palace?
  • How many times has Sven eaten Olaf’s nose?
  • Is Marshmallow actually a big softie?
  • Is there a sled store in Arendelle?
  • Do you think “Snow” White might have ice powers?
  • Do you prefer dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  • If Olaf makes a “sandman” at the beach here in Florida, what does he use for buttons and a head? (You might be told that the answers are, respectively, “shells” and “a pineapple.”)


  • What’s the difference between a whoozit and a whatzit?
  • Did you bring your twenty thingamabobs to Prince Eric’s castle?
  • Has Prince Eric taught you to play the snarfblat?
  • What are your sisters names? (Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, and Allana!)


  • Have you read any good books lately?
In what chapter does the princess meet Prince Charming?
  • Do you prefer books with drawings or do you prefer to use your imagination?
  • Is there any chance Gaston survived that fall?
  • Do you have any advice for people who are learning to control their temper?
  • What was your father’s greatest invention?
  • Can you describe the flavor of the Gray Stuff?


  • Whatever happened to that cat?
  • Are glass slippers comfortable?
  • What would you say makes life divine? (Love!)
  • Is one of your mouse friends named Octavius? What do you call him for short?
  • Does the glass coach smell like a pumpkin inside?
  • What does “Salaga-doola” mean?


  • Which is your bicep to spare?
  • How many eggs do you really eat a day? (60?)
  • How many proposals of marriage have you received from the ladies of this village?
  • Do people ever mistake you for Prince Eric?
  • How about an arm flexing contest?
  • Do you really think that it’s not right for a woman to read a book?
  • Didn’t you win the “No Belle” prize?


  • Will you give me a hug? (The answer will be no!)
  • How about a small hug? (Still no, most likely.)
  • Does breathing fire give you a sore throat?
  • Do you make it a habit to crash parties? What about weddings?


  • What did the Fire Falls taste like?
  • Is it true that you are the only Disney princess with brothers?
  • What is the symbol of the DunBroch Clan? (The sword.)
  • What does Mor’du mean in English. (The large black one.)
  • What does “jings, crivens and help ma boab” mean?


  • Wingapo! (And, departing, “Ah-nah!” She will be impressed that you speak Powhatan!)
  • Are you really the only Disney princess with a tatoo?
  • What’s Meeko’s favorite food?
  • What is your blue necklace made of?
  • Is Grandmother Willow’s bark worse than her bite?

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

  • You parents chose a beautiful name for you. What were you named after? (The dawn.)
  • Is your favorite color really pink or blue?
  • Is there a secret to Fauna’s recipe for your birthday cake? (Yeast!)
  • How many layers was your birthday cake? (15)
  • Does Prince Phillip always have to bribe Samson?


  • Is it true your hair is 70 feet long?Does it ever get “tangled”?
  • Have you really visited Queen Elsa’s castle in Arendelle – I could have sworn I saw you and Flynn walking in!
  • Does Flynn still call you “Blondie”?
  • How did Eugene choose the name “Flynn”? (From Tales of Flynnagan Rider.)

Snow White

  • What is your favorite kind of pie? (Probably gooseberry.)
  • What made you realize that Grumpy really does care about you? (He told her not to let anyone in.)
  • What do you do when things go wrong? (Oh! You sing a song!)
  • What is Sneezy allergic to?
  • When you fell in love, was it hard to do?

Ugly Step Sisters, Anastasia and Drizella

  • Which one of you is your mother’s favorite?
  • Which one of you has the best singing voice?
  • Is Cinderella a natural blonde?
  • Which one of you will be my new best friend?
  • Refer to the sister in pink as “Drizella.”
  • Can we take a selfie? (Selfies with the sisters are particularly good!)

What questions do you want to ask your favorite Disney character next time you see them?

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